We offer employment services in various areas across the UK whether its working in job centres as diversity coaches or with Employers to help identify need across their staff, raising awareness and supply work coaches through the Access To Work process.

Access To Work Service

We believe that having a neurodiversity should not be a barrier to gaining employment or staying in employment. We work with the DWP to offer a work coaches who will work with an employee to allow them to understand how their minds work and what their strengths are so that they are working to their full potential by adaptations and support.

Contact us on hello@differentmindsuk.co.uk for more information and/or ask us any questions. Happy to help!

Job Centres

We are working with neurodiversity clients who are or have been struggling to find and sustain long time employment. We work in various Job Centres in the UK, offering diversity coaching. This enables a client to discover how their minds work, what support or treatment they may require, identifying strengths and looking at employment that allows them to work to their full potential.

Contact us on hello@differentmindsuk.co.uk for more information or/and to arrange a discussion.