We work as a multi disciplinary team to bring a range of strengths to us at Different Minds . It can be a difficult and lengthy process to get a diagnosis. Unfortunatley the NHS ADHD services have waiting lists over several years long. Living with undiagnosed and untreated ADHD or ASD can have major consequences for individuals and their loved ones. The impact can range from young people being excluded from school, college or university, loss of employment to low self esteem, drug taking, alcholol abuse and relationship breakdown. Often once someone has identified that their difficulties could be caused by ADHD or ASD they want and need to know and to receive treatment as soon as possible.

Over the last few years private ADHD and ASD diagnostic clinics have been available throughout the UK giving people the option of paying for their treatment with much faster results.

Receiving a diagnosis through Different Minds. offers you an ADHD Assessment Service at affordable and you pay a fixed price with everything included except medication.

ADHD and ASD screening and report costs just £350.00 and the full ADHD diagnosis fee is £750.00 and full ASD diagnosis is £1850 (this includes the £350 screening fee). If you would like more information on this service please contact us via graham@adhdnorfolk.org.uk Full details