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QB Check

We have QB Check practitioners at Different Minds UK who can administer a QB Check on site. What is a QB Check?

The QB Check is a computerised test that will give an indicator of ADHD symptoms. It is not a diagnostic QB Test it is a pre diagnosis ADHD indicator used by many professionals world wide. Schools in particular to add to the evidence that is often required before making a referral for an assessment. For more details on the this service head over to our QB Check page.

ADHD Training Packages

We offer ADHD awareness for anyone that would benefit from more training. We have previously trained professional teams including employees, employers, school staff, parents/carers, universities, social workers, foster carers, health visitors, counsellors, coaches and therapists.

Please contact us for more information on hello@differemindsuk.co.uk

We can tailor our training to suit your requirements here are some of the areas that we are commonly asked to cover.

What is ADHD?

The difference between ADD and ADHD

The three main elements of ADHD

Parenting an ADHD child

Teaching an ADHD child

Getting a diagnosis

Diagnostic tools

Gathering evidence for referral




The discourse we use

Executive Functions

A case study activity

Prices for training packages start from £295.00. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and to discuss your individual requirements on hello@differentmindsuk.co.uk